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Today’s job market is like none other in history. The good news is there are still companies hiring. You may need some new tools and search strategies but you can land the job with the right resources.

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We’ll help you make an action plan to answer to things like:

  • How do I look for a job in this market? How do I look for a job in this market?
  • What should I do differently? What should I do differently?
  • How do I change industries? How do I change industries?
  • Do I have the right skills for what’s next? Do I have the right skills for what’s next?
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<h1>Make your <b>move</b></h1>

Get on the right job search path

Breathe new life into your job search with Korn Ferry Advance. Where do you begin?
Find out what industries are hiring
Learn to network in new times
Identify how your skills measure up
Tackle resume gaps
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Advance your job search

Searching for a new job takes investment, both time and emotion. It’s not always an easy journey, but we’ll help you keep your eyes on the prize.
Create a job search action plan
Target development areas
Know your worth
Perfect your resume
Practice your interview skills
Improve networking tactics
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Accelerate your

job search

Whether you’re looking to find a new job, change careers or move up the ladder, we all go further with someone on our side. The job search isn’t an easy search, especially in these times. With a 96% approval rating from members, our coaches are here to help you stay focused, create action plans, and be an important sounding board of support. You will have a coach in your corner, every step of the way.

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Our expert coaches, tools and articles will help you to advance your career. Register for free and get personalized insights to help you understand what you really want from your career. Or, try our Premium plan which also includes:
Personalized coaching sessions
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Take charge of your career

From interview pitfalls and resume killers, to the nomad economy we’ve got expert articles to help you navigate all aspects of your job search.

Explore tips and best practices to get closer to your goals: