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Start by taking our Career Assessment Test. Learn more about your skills, strengths, areas to improve, and cultural values. 


It’s truly the first step in defining what success means to you. 

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Try it free!
<h1>Get to know</h1>
<h1>the <b>real you</b></h1>

Finding your perfect career fit

<h2>Finding your perfect<b> career fit</b></h2>

Being objective about yourself is hard. That’s why we’ve worked with psychologists and career strategists to create our KF4D Career Assessment Test. It asks challenging questions and offers real, actionable insights. The results will help you learn, understand, and leverage your traits at work. 

Register for free and get personalized insights revealing what makes you tick and areas to accelerate your career success. The assessment shows you:

<h2>Finding your perfect<b> career fit</b></h2>
  • Strengths and skills

    Knowing your strengths provides career clarity. The test deep dives into your experience, strengths, and your personality traits.

  • Understand cultural fit

    Being happy in a job is not just about salary and reward. Find the best cultural fit to ensure you share values and goals with your employer.

  • Discover improvement areas

    The test also flags areas to improve, so you can focus on developing the right skills to advance your career.

  • Get started


From insights to actions

With your KF4D Career Assessment Test insights in hand, what’s next? Watch and see how using the test can turn insights into actions. 


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Get the career coach edge

Talk your test results through with a career coach and get the expertise, support and tools to turn insights into actions, and actions into career breakthroughs.
Coaching unique to you
Understand what the results mean for your career.
Leverage your strengths
Accelerate the use of your skills with coach insights.
Informed career choices
A coach sets you up for success in your current or next role.
Secure your future
Shore up areas of improvement with the guidance of a coach.

Start Advancing

Our expert coaches, tools and articles will help you to advance your career. Register for free and get personalized insights to help you understand what you really want from your career. Or, try our Premium plan which also includes:
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A copy of "Advance", the new book from Korn Ferry's CEO
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